Rocks or Diamonds

by Shahar

We are living in a moment where the media is selling crisis. Most people are buying into this message.
I hope you don’t buy into that but it is a good time anyway to reflect a little on the reason you are in business and how you do business. This is a good time to think about choices. Results in business are based on choices.

We might not like to admit, but we are responsible for self-inflicting bad times or prosperity. We are responsible for our choices.

Think about this: you can choose to sell rocks or diamonds.

You can pick rocks from your driveway which will be really cheap and won’t require a lot of work. They don’t have a lot of value unless you sell them in bulk.

On the other hand, mining diamonds is a similar task although it takes a little bit more work. You might have to travel to find diamonds, you need some specific tools etc.

The difference is that every diamond you find has a lot more value than a whole truck of rocks.

You are responsible for the business you are in and the results you get.

When marketing a business, same thing.

You can do what is easy and cheap or you can do a little more than your competition, use some tools they are not willing to use. Like social media, write on blogs etc.

The value you’ll get from these efforts are also very different.

Yes, sometimes it takes a little more work, a little more effort, an extra mile.

At the end, it is your choice: Rocks or diamonds?

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