5 ways a small business can benefit from Twitter

1. Awareness and visibility. Many people that never heard about your company will find you on Twitter and will start interacting with you. Most social media tools helps a lot in creating visibility for your business.
2. Connections. One of the biggest benefits of social media is the phenomenon where people connect with your company and feel they are part of the company and today, they are. They want to be a voice, be heard and Twitter makes that possible.
3. Personality. Businesses today need to have a personality and a face. Twitter facilitates this process since it allows people to connect with your business and have an interaction. It also gives your business a channel to show your personality.
4. Trust. We live in a time where people don’t trust companies. Because Twitter allows you to do all of the above, it leads to people trusting your brand. If people trust what you do, they stay close to you and become loyal which is every business owner’s dream, to have a loyal audience.
5. Leader of the tribe. You are there, you are talking and interacting, giving your two cents about your market and slowly you become the intentional choice of your market.

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