Advertising or social media for small businesses?

The New Year is here and the time to do some serious planning in your business has arrived. As a small business owner you have to be careful where you put your money. It still amazes me to see people spending money in advertising when they have no way of tracking or when they saw less than exciting result in the past. This is true online too. People still buy ad space in sites that have no traffic and don’t offer any tracking system. Even when the ad space is good, business owners don’t think about having a piece that provides immediate results. Simple things like an offer, a deadline and many ways to contact the company. Let me introduce you to direct response marketing. Here is the definition according to Wikipedia:
Direct-response marketing is a form of marketing designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser, that is, the customer responds to the marketer directly. This is in contrast to direct marketing in which the marketer contacts the potential customer directly. Like direct marketing, direct-response marketing seeks to elicit action. It is inherently accountable since results can be tracked and measured.
Simple and yet extremely effective.
Many people think direct response advertising is done only with direct mail. Direct response advertising rules apply for offline and online marketing and should be used by every business owners, especially because they see results fast and can track these results.
In this new year, leave behind old ineffective advertising habits and try something new.

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