Cirque Su Soleil Ka Review

While we were in Vegas attending BlogWorld, we took sometime to see Cirque du Soleil Ka.
I’ve to say I waited many years for this opportunity. I used to watch some Cirque du Soleil snippets on TV and be amazed by it. A month before our trip to Vegas I finished reading Blue Ocean a book that talks about how Cirque du Soleil created a unique set of products were they face no competition. So, as you can imagine, I was really excited to attend this presentation. Funny thing, when the time came I was going to a very bad cold and almost did not go. I would really regret not going.
Nothing prepared me for the kind of experience I had by attending the show.
I’d like to be able to explain in words how a performance can involve your six senses all the time even before it starts. The moment you approach the theater the experience starts. The mood, lights, costumes, the performers showing in different spots and interacting with the audience, the seats with headsets and sound effects that sets you in the right spirit, every detail contributes to the performance and the storyline.
The stage and its metamorphosis during the whole time is beyond amazing! There are lots of pyrotechnics, puppets, martial arts and you get yourself asking many times, is that even possible? It was a visual treat!
The scene underwater was breathtaking! We lived in another world for 90 minutes and they were the best 90 minutes in a theater so far!
This show is what entertainment really means and it is a lesson on how to engage an audience.

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