Are You Acting Like My Dog Apple?

Sometimes it’s hard to focus isn’t it? I often times see people acting like my cute dog Apple. For instance, I throw her the ball and with all the excitement in the world she goes after it, fast as a cheetah and hopping like a gazelle in the savannah! She picks it up and eagerly heads back to me for all of two seconds when she spots an imaginary speckle of dirt on the ground and starts sniffing away and forgetting all together about her mission of bringing me back the ball. People do that too you see; they’re eager in the beginning but they get distracted along the way because they don’t see immediate gratification.

I see that all the time! They’re determined in their new venture, they give it all they’ve got only to let go of it before it can payoff. Kind of like a rocket… they power it up for what seems to be an eternity, make sure everything is working properly, the flames start coming out of the nozzle, the ground around them trembles, it’s going to take off, oh yes it’s now, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6… but it never makes it.

So sad.

Most first-time business owners think business is like riding a bike downhill… oh so fun!! They don’t realize though, that they need to ride it back up.

Don’t know what’s up with the analogies today! Business is like a Rubik’s Cube… you know what it’s supposed to look like in the end, but getting the colors to line up is a hell of a challenge! However, it’s extremely gratifying and the thrill of doing it is unquestionably good. Kind of like that tasty treat Apple gets when she finally brings me the ball!

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