Do You Have an Ethical Bribe?

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to hear Nido Qubein speak. Nido’s the president of High Point University and Chairman of the Board of Great Harvest Bread Company. I was hooked throughout the entire presentation and prompted to take action immediately after his talk.

Lately I’ve been sharing with others a few of the things I learned with him. If you walk in to any Great Harvest they will always offer you a big slice of freshly baked bread with some kind of yummy-licious spread on it. People often ask Nido why they do that and if it’s worth it, after all it is a good piece of bread they’re giving out for free, is it really worth the expense?

Human beings are very interesting creatures, and there’s a psychological effect that’s triggered when Great Harvest offers such generous portions of bread. Basically it comes down to this… guilt. You accept the gift, and feel obliged to purchase the entire loaf of bread, thus, making free very lucrative.

What are you doing in order to ethically instill “guilt” or rather an intense sense of action in your prospects in order to monetize? Think about that.

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