So You Think Vacuum Cleaners Are Boring? Suck it Up!

Last week a friend blogged about a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Is it just me or is it too curious that a 20-some year old girl is blogging about a boring, vacuum cleaner?! I mean, your average Gen-X gal is probably blogging about funny YouTube videos, magnificent rock bands, FaceBook, technology, work, partying, friends, dieting, going to the gym and so on… not about a boring tube of plastic that sucks things up!

In trying to comprehend why she wrote about it and analyzing if there were any signs of depression, it occurred to me how powerful that brand is! It’s not that my friend is a little screwy, it’s that Dyson was able to turn a rather boring product into a much needed and coveted device because of it’s innovative, compelling and engaging story. So much so that even I’m blogging about it now!

The fact that James Dyson created more than 5,000 failed prototypes is motivating to a business owner, the fact that it’s a wildly successful vacuum cleaner makes you wonder about your own business… what’s the power of your brand? Do you have an engaging story? Is it innovative? Does it make people feel like they’re really missing out, in overwhelming pain when they don’t have it? Will a 23-year old influential gal with the world in her fingertips blog about it?

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