Become a master negotiator in 4 easy steps. Really.

Negotiation is important and happens in different formats. Face to face, over the phone, to a group and on a website.

You need to become a master negotiator to become really successful in business and have a lot of fun while you sell.

The negotiation process has 4 stages. Believe me this stages happen all the time no matter how you are selling- talking to people or the copy of a website.

1. Find the broken windows.- Find (or if you are writing- assume)the real problems going in the mind of your prospect. It might not be what they think it is.

2. Join the Tango. After you know the problems, you know there is drama involved and you join the tango or the conversation going in their minds. This will create a connection with your prospects.

3. Incorporate mystery and rituals. You need to leave some unanswered questions and show your structure. This keeps the mind hooked to you.

4. Extract the wow. Just like in infomercials there needs to be a wow moment. Here you show the possibilities.

5. Tie the know. Here is where the deal gets done, you create a partnership with your prospect. If you do all of the above right, you don’t need to ask for the sale, but if the prospect doesn’t propose, it is up to you my dear to do so.

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