Big Marketing Mistake

Have you heard about the supermarket chain that decided to sell peeled bananas. The decision was made based on the concept that people are busy and don’t want to work in order to eat.
Just one “tiny” detail was forgotten: they didn’t ask if peeled bananas sounded like a good idea to the consumer, they didn’t ask the consumer at all and never considered that bananas already come in the best possible package and are very easy to eat. They never asked if this move would bring any benefits to the consumer.

This decision lead to a storm of bad PR and a lot of bad talk in social media environments.

Businesses need to bring new things every now and then and make changes, but it is always a good idea to ask the consumer what he/she really wants and see if with that innovation, you are also bringing some benefits to the market and solving a problem. Peeled bananas do not solve a problem.

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