Let’s spend the day together

I’d like to spend a day with you.
Let me explain.

Business is a funny thing. Takes a lot of effort and money to launch a business and new services, then there is the phase where you do a lot of marketing to get in front of people, to be known for what you do and then you sell.

Not a bad process and one that you can rinse and repeat forever as long as things stay the same. But things do change, like the economy and people change too, they even change the way they buy and what they like. Have you noticed how connected and mobile the consumer is today and the amount of information we all have access to? How loyalty to a brand seems like something from the past?

These things do affect our business, but there are other things that affect even more. The way people see your business and how familiar with the business. Believe me, familiarity can kill your business. I bet you never thought of that, did you?

It reminds me of that TV commercial from Wendy’s where the girl go to the salad fridge and talk to the salads and then tells a woman beside her that she visited the same pre-packaged salads last week.

The fact is that today we can’t, as businesses and service providers, afford to be the same salad for very long. We need to innovate what we do and many times we need to re-position our business in the market. Be very visible and yet not that familiar.

Isn’t that tricky when marketers tell you to be connecting and engaging all the time?

It is and when you try to do it alone and you are emotionally involved in the business that can take a long time and take you nowhere.

This is why we’d like to spend a day with you. We are the pair of fresh eyes (in this case, 2 pairs), emotionally free and with a lot of experience in business to show you how your business can be top of mind, how it can be connecting with prospects and clients 24/7 without creating that sense of “old salad” and show you how to create a business choreography that attracts clients and keep them with you.

We can accomplish a lot in one day. We brainstorm, we create strategies, a positioning map, a marketing map and the business choreography gets laid out. Besides, we have real experience in different industries, unlike many marketers that have a one fits all strategy.

If you are local, you can come to our offices, if you are not, we’ll use Google hangouts, which is a 2 way video conference.

A full day working on your business with experts in client attraction and retention and super duper online marketers. Now, that is exciting!

Again, I’ll make an irresistible offer if you act in the next 48 hours. Your investment will be only $1,500 for the full day. That is half of the usual investment. In fact, very seldom we even offer the full day option. Yes, we can split that in 2 as long as we meet after November.

All you need to do is call 801-330-90-10 or write to buzz@buzzbooster.com

Just think on how things can be different in 2013 if you align everything in your business and have maps to guide you during your journey. No fluffy, no magic, directions that work only.

Of course, you can keep doing what you are doing and not invest in becoming irresistible to your market, or you can buy some cool product online that is cheap, promises a lot and delivers nothing. (this is the drug of choice of many business owners nowadays), but can you feel that funny smell coming our of your fridge?

48 hours: Your investment will be only $1,500 for the full day. That is half of the usual investment. Yes, we can split that in 2 payments as long as we meet in November or later.

All you need to do is call 801-330-90-10 or write to buzz@buzzbooster.com

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