Consistency in Business

Consistency leads to familiarity that leads to likability.

So, if there is no consistency in your marketing, there will be scarcity. Here is another reason why social media marketing is crucial in any marketing strategy.
Let’s take a look at what McDonald’s does offline to create consistency:

You can be on the other side of the country or around the world and when you see the Golden Arches, you know exactly what the food will taste like. There might be an independent restaurant with better food next door, but most people will never know because they’ll choose McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is the safe choice. It became that way through consistency, delivering a similar experience every time. McDonald’s spends millions of dollars a year taste testing individual restaurants to ensure the food tastes the same way in California as it does in New York as it does in England. All new suppliers are put through a rigorous process to ensure the products they produce conform to McDonald’s exacting specifications. That food is going to be consistent, something Burger King has never figured out.

There are many ways we can create consistency in our marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas: Send messages on the same day of the week, post on social networks daily, post weekly videos, repeating key concepts on social networks, blog posts and videos.

Of course there are many more but the key point here is for you to understand that people buy from people they like and for you to be liked you need to become familiar to them and the way to do that is through consistency. So, instead of saying you tried something and it didn’t work, try a few more times. likable

How Irresistible are you?

Discover the real secret to achieve long lasting prosperity and to become irresistible to your market.

There are 2 things you need to have on your mind and three things you need to act upon.

When you are thinking on how to promote your business, three things need to be on your mind:

  • How do you get attention from your market- very different than visibility
  • How you increase the appeal for your brand
  • How to you generate abundance coming from the results of the two above.

There are 3 things that you need to work every day in order to create long lasting prosperity in your business:

  • Your mindset. This is probably a lot more important than you think
  • Your message. The message needs to be irresistible to the market. Always refine your positioning.
  • Your marketing. Your actions in marketing should lead to conversion of lead or sale and to support all of the above.

Our stay with the president

    A week ago we went to Vegas to meet with a mastermind group.

The moment we left the airport in a cab and told the driver the hotel we were going he said: “Girls, you are going to be searched and searched”

He went to explain that the president was at the same hotel preparing for his debate.

Before we got to the hotel, about half a block, the cab was stopped, we left the car and the dogs and security service came to search the car. When we got to the hotel right at the door, again searches on the bags and we through a metal detector. I wear Danskos shoes and it looks like they have some metal in them so I got special attention every single time I passed that door over the next 3 days.

The secret service was everywhere at the hotel including in every gate of the swimming pools.

We thought the whole thing was pretty interesting but we were not there on vacation, so it didn’t bother us.

In fact, no one else was at the hotel besides our small group and the president and his group.

What I took from this experience was a lot of admiration for the secret service. It was really interesting to see how they operate and how they don’t leave any detail to chance. Even after the president left, they were there for the whole day making sure everything was ok.

It made me think how we as business owners should have the same kind of attitude. Pay attention to details and not leave anything to chance.

It is so much more fun to create and get busy but the things we don’t pay attention to can become huge threats.

For us is taking care of numbers. Neither one of us is really a math head and because we don’t find it fun we make assumptions about numbers and profits and go with it. Many times we pay the price for this type of attitude.

So the first thing I did after I left Vegas was buy a calculator to carry with me. Now every idea, new program goes through the calculator first before it is implemented.

In your business, it can be something else.  Act like the secret service.

Let’s spend the day together

I’d like to spend a day with you.
Let me explain.

Business is a funny thing. Takes a lot of effort and money to launch a business and new services, then there is the phase where you do a lot of marketing to get in front of people, to be known for what you do and then you sell.

Not a bad process and one that you can rinse and repeat forever as long as things stay the same. But things do change, like the economy and people change too, they even change the way they buy and what they like. Have you noticed how connected and mobile the consumer is today and the amount of information we all have access to? How loyalty to a brand seems like something from the past?

These things do affect our business, but there are other things that affect even more. The way people see your business and how familiar with the business. Believe me, familiarity can kill your business. I bet you never thought of that, did you?

It reminds me of that TV commercial from Wendy’s where the girl go to the salad fridge and talk to the salads and then tells a woman beside her that she visited the same pre-packaged salads last week.

The fact is that today we can’t, as businesses and service providers, afford to be the same salad for very long. We need to innovate what we do and many times we need to re-position our business in the market. Be very visible and yet not that familiar.

Isn’t that tricky when marketers tell you to be connecting and engaging all the time?

It is and when you try to do it alone and you are emotionally involved in the business that can take a long time and take you nowhere.

This is why we’d like to spend a day with you. We are the pair of fresh eyes (in this case, 2 pairs), emotionally free and with a lot of experience in business to show you how your business can be top of mind, how it can be connecting with prospects and clients 24/7 without creating that sense of “old salad” and show you how to create a business choreography that attracts clients and keep them with you.

We can accomplish a lot in one day. We brainstorm, we create strategies, a positioning map, a marketing map and the business choreography gets laid out. Besides, we have real experience in different industries, unlike many marketers that have a one fits all strategy.

If you are local, you can come to our offices, if you are not, we’ll use Google hangouts, which is a 2 way video conference.

A full day working on your business with experts in client attraction and retention and super duper online marketers. Now, that is exciting!

Again, I’ll make an irresistible offer if you act in the next 48 hours. Your investment will be only $1,500 for the full day. That is half of the usual investment. In fact, very seldom we even offer the full day option. Yes, we can split that in 2 as long as we meet after November.

All you need to do is call 801-330-90-10 or write to

Just think on how things can be different in 2013 if you align everything in your business and have maps to guide you during your journey. No fluffy, no magic, directions that work only.

Of course, you can keep doing what you are doing and not invest in becoming irresistible to your market, or you can buy some cool product online that is cheap, promises a lot and delivers nothing. (this is the drug of choice of many business owners nowadays), but can you feel that funny smell coming our of your fridge?

48 hours: Your investment will be only $1,500 for the full day. That is half of the usual investment. Yes, we can split that in 2 payments as long as we meet in November or later.

All you need to do is call 801-330-90-10 or write to

Leading you business to extinction?

I’m not picky but I have to say I’ve never seen so many examples of bad customer service. Considering all the books on “customer experience”, something is wrong here. Maybe business owners don’t care to read anymore?

In our next episode of BuzzBooster Tv #54 we talk about our “experience” at Applebees.

Today I want to write to you about my “experience” at Hobby Lobby.

I usually love to go there! They have most of the things I need for my projects. On a first moment is a great store. But the love turns into frustration every time I need help from a person. Believe me, what I’m about to tell you didn’t happen just once, it just happens to be the most recent event.

I went there to buy alcohol based paint. I saw it in a magazine and wanted to try.

Go to the paint section and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Looked around and saw a lady organizing some frames. Asked her.

She said : I don’t know what that is, but the paints are all on isle…

Thanked her and continued to look on the next isle. Heard her say: “people expect you to know where everything is”

Well, if you work there I kind of do and also expect that you at least try to find it or call someone that would know.

Went around this huge store looking for another human being. No luck, went back and kept looking.

There was another customer on a similar quest. We look at each other and she says: “Do you know anything about paints? I’m lost here” So am I.

Went looking for an employee again. Found a lady and asked if she knew someone at the store that understood paint. She said no but she could try to help.

It is a craft store. Wouldn’t you expect to find someone that understood something about paints?

She goes to the isle and begin to look. This one is acrylic, this one oil…. minutes go by. I grab something that looked like what I saw on the magazine, show it to her and say: The one I saw looks like this one but this one doesn’t say if it is alcohol based.

She says: I’ll call customer service.

When she comes back she says: I never heard of alcohol based paint. They said if it doesn’t say it is because it is not and we don’t have.

I say: It doesn’t say what is based on, could be oil, could be water etc. It needs to be based on something.

She: If it doesn’t say, it is not. And she leaves.

Well, I thought, I just experience a surreal and absurd moment but I don’t quit that easy. I’ve been through this before. I’m a fighter.

I give up any type of human interaction and go back to my quest.

Twenty minutes later I find the alcohol based paint together with stamps and embossing devices. I have succeeded one more time.

I start my way to the cashier with my cart now full of other stuff I had no plans of buying before when the same helper enters the isle I’m in.

I decided to diminish the pain for the next victim that enters the store looking for this type of paint, grab the package and say; ” Hey, you have the paint, it was not on the paint isle”

She doesn’t even take to time to look at my hand holding the product, says “cool” and continues walking.

I think: she really doesn’t care.

To the cashier I go.

The is one cashier functioning only and a line. In line I stand.

Consumer at the cashier has a product that has no price. Cashier picks up the phone, ask the price to be checked and we wait.

Line is getting a lot bigger. After 7 minutes, she picks up the phone again and asks for another cashier.

There is a second cashier, calls for the next in line. Line splits, people on both. Second cashier doesn’t finish with that consumer for some reason and everybody else keep waiting

After several minutes, I left without my things. I had other commitments.

Came home, went online, bought everything I wanted and will get tomorrow morning and my bill was lower than what I would have paid at the store.

Now, as you can see, I don’t need to go to a physical store. It takes time, my most precious asset, I spend gas, it is usually more expensive and when I have to interact with zombies, it steals my good mood.

I do it because I believe the Buy local movement is a good thing. But if businesses don’t work on the touch points with the consumer, what is the advantage of spending your money there? You do not have to do them a favor, it needs to be an exchange of values.

Employees should be trained on the products and services a business offers, should understand that the consumer is not there to interrupt their day but to help keep them in the job and if they don’t perform, are not proactive, they should be fired.

There are lot of competent, proactive people out there looking for a job.

It is up to the business owner to provide adequate training, systems and ways to track performance. Very easy to say that it is because of the recession or consumer being resistant to buy that things are bad and to under staff the business and not care about customer service. This might be the excuse of choice, but is not true.

We saw big chains going out of business last year, we are going to see more. Not because of a bad economy but because business owners make the unconscious decision to put themselves out of business. They allow external circumstances to serve as excuses for inaction.

You better care for your customers. Maybe you can’t give all they expect but you probably can give a lot more than you are. Visit all the touch points you have with prospects and customers and choose to improve all of them.

Or become a dinosaur. By the way, it doesn’t work to do more marketing if you don’t fix the gaps.