Our stay with the president

    A week ago we went to Vegas to meet with a mastermind group.

The moment we left the airport in a cab and told the driver the hotel we were going he said: “Girls, you are going to be searched and searched”

He went to explain that the president was at the same hotel preparing for his debate.

Before we got to the hotel, about half a block, the cab was stopped, we left the car and the dogs and security service came to search the car. When we got to the hotel right at the door, again searches on the bags and we through a metal detector. I wear Danskos shoes and it looks like they have some metal in them so I got special attention every single time I passed that door over the next 3 days.

The secret service was everywhere at the hotel including in every gate of the swimming pools.

We thought the whole thing was pretty interesting but we were not there on vacation, so it didn’t bother us.

In fact, no one else was at the hotel besides our small group and the president and his group.

What I took from this experience was a lot of admiration for the secret service. It was really interesting to see how they operate and how they don’t leave any detail to chance. Even after the president left, they were there for the whole day making sure everything was ok.

It made me think how we as business owners should have the same kind of attitude. Pay attention to details and not leave anything to chance.

It is so much more fun to create and get busy but the things we don’t pay attention to can become huge threats.

For us is taking care of numbers. Neither one of us is really a math head and because we don’t find it fun we make assumptions about numbers and profits and go with it. Many times we pay the price for this type of attitude.

So the first thing I did after I left Vegas was buy a calculator to carry with me. Now every idea, new program goes through the calculator first before it is implemented.

In your business, it can be something else.  Act like the secret service.

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