Consistency in Business

Consistency leads to familiarity that leads to likability.

So, if there is no consistency in your marketing, there will be scarcity. Here is another reason why social media marketing is crucial in any marketing strategy.
Let’s take a look at what McDonald’s does offline to create consistency:

You can be on the other side of the country or around the world and when you see the Golden Arches, you know exactly what the food will taste like. There might be an independent restaurant with better food next door, but most people will never know because they’ll choose McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is the safe choice. It became that way through consistency, delivering a similar experience every time. McDonald’s spends millions of dollars a year taste testing individual restaurants to ensure the food tastes the same way in California as it does in New York as it does in England. All new suppliers are put through a rigorous process to ensure the products they produce conform to McDonald’s exacting specifications. That food is going to be consistent, something Burger King has never figured out.

There are many ways we can create consistency in our marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas: Send messages on the same day of the week, post on social networks daily, post weekly videos, repeating key concepts on social networks, blog posts and videos.

Of course there are many more but the key point here is for you to understand that people buy from people they like and for you to be liked you need to become familiar to them and the way to do that is through consistency. So, instead of saying you tried something and it didn’t work, try a few more times. likable

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