I got an e-mail

I got an e-mail this morning.
Subject line: Resume,
body of e-mail: attached resume.
Nothing else.
The resume is from a guy looking to be hired as a social media project manager. Now, about the social word in social media, doesn’t it mean some communication skills?

What an e-mail like this tells about a person? That he is willing to do the minimum necessary to accomplish things. There is a sense of entitlement, he deserves the job, doesn’t need to do much other than attach his resume to get it. Shows he thinks he is the only one sending a resume to our company and that we should hire him just because he exists.

It also tells that despite his probable knowledge in a technical side of social media, he is not worried in communicating with others, not very social, I would say. It also says that when in communication with clients he would follow the same style and not give them more than a line. Hey a line is a lot, we got less than that and he wants the job.

For a customer-centric company as all companies should be, this spells disaster. He is a big no for us even though the resume itself was quite good.

Now, what does this have to do with your business? Everything stars with good positioning, because positioning tells a story about you and your company. You may not be aware of what it is really telling to your market. Like this guy, he probably thinks he is doing the right thing in an efficient way. The reality is quite contrary.

Every single touch point with customers and prospects should be well thought of before taking action. Even a simple thing like sending an e-mail. Even if you have a super duper company with super duper services or products. Nothing will matter if when you get in touch with people you fail.

Simple but not common, which is sad.

You are telling a story very time, make sure you are telling the right story, the one that brings customers to you.

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