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The other day I read that people over 35 years old do not adapt too well to online social networks. They rather blog, for example. They look for more individual experiences. But, as everything else in the online world, online social networks are becoming a new way to get more customers.

Today, two out of every three people using the Web, have visited a social networking site. Most of these websites saw a 109 percent growth since 2004. In the busy world we live today, we need to find shortcuts and these networks are a quick and good way to meet people. Yes, you probably heard that a lot of people are marketing on MySpace.

MySpace might not be for everyone, or every business. Even when we talk about online social networks, we need to think :Niche

There are many websites, but which will offer you want you are looking for. Here are some suggestions: When visiting a social network site, look at the profiles to see if the people there have something in common with your industry, if they are the kind of people you’d like to trade information, after all, your goal is to make connections.

See what you can give to this community and also check if there is something for you there. You know the saying: “If you’d like to fly with eagles, don’t swim with ducks.” Look for communities where you find companies you aspire to become. A network used by individuals at the same level of growth and expertise.

The connections there would foster better resources and contacts. Here you have a few networks for business. LinkedIn This is one that is really popular.


Creates an individual profile based on your professional history and, via e-mail, allows you to invite other individuals to be part of your social circle. They, in turn, connect you to their colleagues. It is a great place if you are also job hunting


The primary focus of Ryze is linking individual people, not unlike LinkedIn, but it does so by determining common interests. Members receive a free home page as well as access to topical forums called Networks. The Networks allow users to discuss ideas relevant to their specific businesses as well as recruit other people. It also tells you which of the more than 250,000 members are located nearby.


 If LinkedIn is the connection to individuals, Spoke is the connection to companies. Marketed as the largest online business-to-business prospect database, Spoke claims to have more than 30 million contributors and 900,000 companies. Spoke specializes in three areas: direct marketing, sales and recruiting. Give them a try and tell me what you think.

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