Internet Marketing and Free Video Submitter

You know that if you have an online business today, you need to use videos.
You also know you need to put them everywhere, in YouTube, Veoh and all the others.
This can be very time consuming but the benefits are huge.

I found out a free video submitter that can save you a lot of time.

First, let me share with you some tips to make your video happen online and become viral.

So here’s the strategy:

In order to have a lot of videos in the broadcaster’s sites, you can edit a few different versions of the same video (Different lengths, cut scenes, clips, etc…).
It takes more work in the editing part, but it is really worth.
Once you have a few different versions, autosubmit each one using the free video submitter software.

When you do this, you can target different sets of keywords.
See how it could work?

2nd Tip: After you’ve done that, you can also resubmit all those video’s again under different video file formats, and again targeting different keywords.
This will give you multiple video listings for the same video on many of the video hosting sites.

You cannot post identical videos twice, which is why small edits and changes in file formats submitted will be enough to fool most of the video hosting sites so that you get multiple video listings.

Click here to get your free video submitter software.Have Fun!

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