Digital marketing: Google Plus

Have you tried Google plus?

I have and so far i like it a lot. I specially like it because it is not like Facebook. I think it can become a lot more relevant for businesses than FB. This because it relies on keywords and relevant searches, which Google is already very good at. In fact we shouldn’t even compare Google Plus with Facebook because even though they are both social, Google Plus is built to be mobile. it provides a more rich experience, less noise at the moment and is aligned with a shift in behavior that we are all leaving the desktop and using mobile devices more and more. Is is social media I can carry with me. not part of it, like Twitter, the whole thing.

The interface does not have clutter and very easy to use from a small device. It will free all of us to follow people hoping they will follow us. This does not matter here.

I specially like the hangout feature. Where you can video chat with up to 10 people, make the event public and even repurpose it later. This can be addicting and very useful for businesses. I plan to spend a lot more time researching this feature.

I say useful for business but Google wants real people there, not businesses at the moment. This will change

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