Have you heard of Branded Entertainment?

Have you heard the term “Branded Entertainment”? It is a new format being used in a lot of local TV stations.

Here is what the Huffington post has to say about it:  “There is a new trend going on among local TV shows as well as cable news shows to sell interview spots to authors, speakers and business people for fees ranging from $900 to $4,500. Some people are calling it “branded entertainment” and you can even find it listed on Wikipedia. Infomercials aren’t working any longer, so this form of 5-minute interview tied to a news show is the new, bright shiny object that people are chasing after.”

This format works because it is short, goes right to the point, inform people of what you do, helps you promote a product, book etc and it has relevant information to an audience.

This format can be done in audio or video so TV stations and radio stations use it. When done right, you increase your visibility because it reaches the audience that show has and you still use the same audio or video file to promote on your site, social media etc. A interview format always increase credibility, exposure and tends to be shared more often.

The show Business Highlights TV gives an opportunity for speakers, authors and entrepreneurs to have this branded entertainment content for a very affordable fee of $230 for audio and $270 for video. This includes the script for the segment. This promotional price is valid until Christmas.

The show is distributed online via iTunes and several other podcast directories, to several car apps and through the Roku channel Buzz and Biz and promoted on social media to over 100k followers.

The company behind the show is Buzzbooster which has a large experience with podcasts like Boomerology Revealed and many others, interviews etc.

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Business Highlights TV

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