The Power of Interviews

Many of you know that when my daughter and I arrived in Salt Lake City 12 years ago we got here with only two bags and a teddy bear. Not long after we started our consulting business in a borrowed office in the back of a print shop, and we went to a lot of networking meetings in town. To leverage the little money we had at the time, we started promoting our new business online since it was a rather inexpensive way to market.

One of the things we did was create a page on our website called “In The News” that featured our media interviews. On there we also feature any podcast that interviewed us, as well as we did our own too, and put it on there.

We knew that at that time traditional media would look online for resources when working on a story. That is how we got our first interview. It was one single question asked, and it was to the Washington Post. After that, many followed!

We still use the page, you can see it here:

Today traditional media is online all the time. If you watch the news you can see how many segments have originated online, especially what becomes viral.

Having interviews posted on your site helps a lot in creating credibility for your business, it brings visibility and if you use it well, can make you become the expert and celebrity in your own industry. Yes, because you can use the interview in your blog and in social media too.

I’d like to interview you. It can be an audio podcast which is a long format interview of about 15 minutes. This one can be done no matter where you live. Our launch investment is only $270 (your local news station asks at least double for a 2 min interview)

Or it can also be a video interview if you can come to our studio in Salt Lake City. That would be around 7 minutes and the investment is $270 (still 10 times less than the competition). Why is it so low? We are creating a new portfolio.

We will provide you the file or even help you upload the interview to your YouTube channel or website.

The show is called Business Highlights and is distributed in a multi-platform that includes Roku, car apps and online. Our social media network alone surpasses 100K followers.

You want to start the new year creating something different and reliable that will bring better results. This is it, so call us to schedule your interview. We will create the script that will bring results. All we need is a few questions from you.

Call 801-330-9010 now or write us at

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