Hmmm Sweet Business!

So let’s face it, you like chocolate don’t you? Come on as much as you’d like to avoid it, truth is you rely on it to bring you sweet satisfaction don’t you?! It hasn’t been scientifically proven just yet but I’m convinced that a woman’s genome consists of chocolate! All jokes aside I’m pretty sure that whether your consumption of chocolate is high or low you have a pretty clear idea of how much it costs to buy a good candy bar and the different kinds there are out there, right? We can get them with almonds, dark, milk, and even with peanut butter. For what reasons do we eat it? Because we feel like eating something sweet, to celebrate, to have a pity party, to get inspired, to simply enjoy the wonders of life! Here’s a question for you though: when was the last time you had chocolate with the second best thing ever invented… bacon? and when did you eat it to embrace yourself in a different culture?

Bizarre question huh?! Well, If there’s one thing that Katrina Markoff knows how to do well that’s to engage her customers. Her stories are so compelling and her messages so embracing that she gets people like you and me to eat chocolate and wasabi in one bite, and we do it because it’s a delicious experience, all the while enveloping ourselves in a different culture, artist, movement or religion!

Through chocolate Markoff has allowed people all over the world to break through barriers and engage with one another. Quite impressive considering that it’s just chocolate, even more impressive that she has made it a successful and profitable business! In my world chocolate is as common as water nowadays, and selling it can be a constant battle against prices. To eat Markoff’s chocolate however, you pay a premium price, but you do it gladly. That’s because Markoff is selling more than just chocolate, she’s selling a story, a lifestyle, she’s sharing a mission, she’s establishing a connection to people and community.

She does it through exotic flavors, innovative combinations and spices from many nations. Her packaging is impeccable, her message clear and unavoidable in everything she does. From wrappers, to printed materials, to her well laid out website. Her creativity seeps through as she even developed a “game” for you to have a party, a way to literally engage while eating the chocolate among friends.

In your business what are you selling? Go beyond the obvious product or service you’re offering, dig deep and find your compelling story because that will distinguish yourself from the competition. Make sure the message is clear and distinguishable through out your every move. Don’t be afraid to be creative and innovative and keep one thing in mind: it’s not about the product… it never is.

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