Let Me Explain The BuzzBooster Effect to You…

The funniest thing happened last week at the office, get this…

We were in a meeting with a new client talking about business and such when I hear someone at the door. So I direct myself to the stress-free room (reception area) and much to my dismay find a police man standing there. He looks at me and asks if so-and-so person was there, to which I reply “yes she is, hold on a sec”. I walk into the office (being followed by the cop), look at the client and say “he wants you”.

He in turn points out the window and asks “Is that your car over there?”, the client now frantically screams, and I repeat, screams: “OH MY GOSH THAT’S MY CAR!!!!

I looked out the window only to witness a car perpendicularly parked on the street, now, not along side the curb mind you, on the actual car-passing-where-motorists-drive street. A car… blocking traffic, in the middle of the busy street… my client’s car!

She throws her arms and hands in the air and runs out the office like a mad woman towards her car… Shahar, myself and the policeman just stood there in silence for a little while not really knowing how to react… followed by sporadic moments of incessant laughter!!

Well as it turns out, on her way to our office my client was listening to the BuzzBooster’s Guide to Self-Promotion CD. She was really into it, and very excited to come meet with us so when she saw our building she just parked her car and came to see us (not realizing that she was in the middle of the street).

It’s truly really funny… she parked her car in the middle of the street!! What I still don’t get is how she walked through the entire parking lot and didn’t realize it! =D

Hahaha there’s the BuzzBooster Effect in action for you! 😉

The BuzzBooster Effect!

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