How to Create an Irresistible Business

Before you decide how you are going to market you business, you need to make sure your business is irresistible to people. We live in an environment where people have an attention span of 9 seconds- the same as a gold fish. They are overwhelmed and just don’t pay attention. In order for them to pay attention to your business, you need to become irresistible to your market. Here are 7 components that can turn your business into an irresistible business:
1.Give an irresistible promise.(it is not about you, it is about the end result for them)
2. Unveil your irresistible core story. (people will not stick if they don’t have a reason, a cause)
3. Find your unique voice. (How do you show the personality of your company)
4. Incorporate mystique. (add some mistery, tease your customers a little)
5. Become Uberpresent always. (this is when social media becomes crucial)
6. Define your rituals. (incorporate rituals, processes and pre-qualification rituals in your business).

7. Increase Trust.( if the other ones above are done right, the level of trust will increase naturally. Testimonials here help a lot).

You can listen to a full hour audio here: Irresistible business audio

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