“It’s a Different World We Live in” Says The 23-Year Old Gal!

Auren Hoffman published a great article on how men and women act online. It wasn’t much of a surprise to me to hear that women are much more relationship-driven and less transactional, but what I really find interesting is that because of that they spend much more time on social networks decorating their profile, connecting with others, sharing interesting finds and so on…

Why is that of interest to a regular business? For a business it becomes much more interesting to capture a female audience, considering that the likelihood of them sharing and talking about your impact on them is much greater than a man.

I don’t mean to make a point that you should target only to women, but i do want to tell you not to overlook them! Gone are the days when men made all the decisions… it’s a different world nowadays. Dang who would’ve thought women would be the number one buyer of video games?!

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