There’s Gold (”Diamonds”) in Simplicity And Efficiency!

Last week I heard a very good interview on NPR with Neil Diamond. Being the rather eclectic gal that I am I enjoy Diamond’s tunes a lot. His new CD “Home Before Dark” is great by the way!

What I thought was interesting was a little story he told about that song “Sweet Caroline“. Apparently it’s one of his greatest hits ever, which is a little bit ironic considering that it was also the fastest song he ever wrote. He had a 3-hour studio session and only two songs to record (back then you would record 3 songs per 3-hour session) so he went out the night before, jotted down a few words, created this song, and recorded it at the studio the next day! The song is so popular it’s played at every Red Sox home game and known through out generations. The reporter mentioned that it was a very popular song and pointed out that it was often played at bars, to which Diamond replied that it was a fun little song that you can sing no matter how many drinks you’ve had!

I guess I could just leave it at that and end my blog post right here, but that got me thinking… how cool it is to have a product so popular it’s everlasting, and how phenomenal it is that it’s simple and yet very impactful?! Sure it’s just a song, but a product nonetheless, no?

Are you solving other people’s problems with your business? Is it easy to use, or are you making us jump through hoops in order to get to you? It’s no coincidence that time and time again we run into that annoying little acronym KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), we often tend to complicate what should be oversimplified. Learn from Neil Diamond… someone’s depressed at a bar, Neil offers an easy and simple, yet effective “product” to cheer them up.

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