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Today is day 253 of the year. We only have 112 more to go, so, let’s make sure that the next 4 months are the best in business for you.

Let’s make sure you are marketing properly using social media and optimizing your presence online.


Here’s what I have for you:

For the next 4 months we’ll run a social media campaign for your business.

We’ll focus on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Videos SEO.

I’ve the breakdown below with details.

This type of campaign is usually a $2,500.00 a month service. During the next 72 hrs you can get the same package for only $850 for the next 4 months.

This is the ultimate package to get oodles of avid clients and end the year on high gear.


Check the details of the campaign below and then call us to get started at: 801-330-90-10. You have 72 hours to get the promo price.


Social media campaign:

Keywords research: You’ll get a list of keywords you should be going after and we’ll use those keywords in the campaign.

Twitter: We’ll customize background, Go after targeted audience to follow (at least 1,000 new targeted followers), Send 6 daily Twitter messages.

Facebook: Customize your business page, add capture page (so you can get more leads), post messages on the page daily.

Linkedin: Daily messages on Linkedin.

Videos SEO- Create 4 monthly videos targeting specific keywords so you can rank for those keywords on Google. 60% of people click on videos inside the search engines.

A marketing map so you have a complete 360 degree view of what should be going on marketing wise in your business


If you shop around you will zThe next 112 days can be awesome for your business. All it takes is a phone call: 801-330-90-10

Call me: 801-330-90-10

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