Your level of trust is part of your personal branding.

The more you increase your level of trust the more business you get and the stronger your personal branding becomes.

When marketing online there is a lot more you can do other than testimonials to increase credibility.

Here are a few suggestions:

You want to show people a glimpse of your life, your values, things that are important to you and who you associate with.

1.Add photos of you with celebrities you’ve met in the past. They don’t need to be big celebrities, they can be local celebrities.

2.Add pictures of events you attended. Can be local networking, seminars etc

3. People in your company, their faces, maybe them practicing their favorite sports, with their pets. Things that create an emotional connection

4. You with your family, on the road, doing things you love.

Remember, people do business with people and they don’t want the corporate feel, they want real people with real passions.

Part of a celebrity based branding is to give glimpses of things you value and that are important to you and a touch of silliness every now and then.

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