List of continuity models

Every business should have a continuity program. A continuity program is what brings residual income every month and allows your business to grow exponentially. You can incorporate a continuity program in any kind of business or it can be a business in itself.
Some examples you find out there of continuity programs are: fruit of the month, mustard of the month, pizza loyalty programs, puzzles time share etc. Here is a list of some continuity models that are popular and use information on its base. There is room to create other models. Prices vary according to number of items members get every month and the perceived value. Prices also vary according to the industry you are in, so the best approach is always to test which price would attract buyers in your industry. Note that programs that have a component delivered by mail every month tend to have a better retention than the ones that are 100% online.

1. Cd of the month interview
2. Cd of the month + transcription
3. Cd + newsletter
4. Printed newsletter
5. Newsletter + CD + transcription
6. Dvd of the month
7. CD/DVd of the month
8. Newsletter + CD/DVD rom
9. Training lessons
10. Reviews and summaries
11. Mp3 of the month- delivered online only
12. Mp3 + transcription
13. Micro membership with videos
14. Micro membership with mp3
15. Micro membership (reports) – It is called micro-membership because it has a fixed term or a final date. This model tends to work well during bad economic times because people feel better knowing that there is a final date- anything that has a system works well in this model.
16. micro membership by e-mail
17. membership site- needs to be heavy in content and be constantly updated. Tends to have a high drop-out rate.
18. membership + physical product
19. Softwares
20. Done 4 you services. This one tends to have a good retention because there is a pain of disconnection.
21. Monthly Webinars
22. Private forum
23. Resell rights club
24. Membership association
25. Consumer products of the month
26. Tele seminar coaching
27. Tele seminar + CD
28. Teleseminar + live event
29. Big ticket item
30. Certification Program
31. Coaching- Mastermind groups- 1 to 1 coaching

No matter which model you choose, you will have to figure how much information your audience will be willing to consume every month, because if you send them too much, they will get overwhelmed and will drop out of the program. You also need to have systems in place to bring new members every month.

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