What to take to #BlogWorld

In case you are going to attend BlogWorld expo this year, here are a few things to take:
1. Take an extra bag. Every time we been to BlogWorld we ran out of space in our bags, so this year, we are taking an extra one. There will be lots of info from companies and products you will want to bring with you. Lots of T-shirts. (Nash collects T-shirts from tech companies, so we always bring a bunch). I always get some more books there too and quite a few magazines.
2. Not a bad idea to have a tote with you there either, just to make your life easier.
3. Comfortable shoes. You are going to walk a lot there. Between sessions and the expo, there is a lot of walking. Even if you are like us, always in business attire, put on very comfortable shoes.
4. Video camera, photo camera and audio recorder. This is a must. You will meet so many fabulous people, you need to take a picture with them. The speakers are great, so why not get some interviews too? One of my goals this year is to meet and interview for our magazine Leo Laport host of Twig, one of the best podcasts out there. I don’t know how he looks like, since I only listen the podcast, so it is going to be interesting to figure a way to find him. We have a big list of other people we want to interview. You can check the speakers at the BlogWorld site.
5. Take extra batteries. There are no places close by to get batteries.
6. Sleep a lot before you go. You will not have a lot of time to sleep there. There are parties, shows and a lot of networking happening the whole time.
7. Check all the meet ups happening too.
8. Join the international blogging and new media association while you are there.
9. Don’t forget to say hi to us. Twitter id: buzzbooster

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