List of Internet Marketing Events

As expected, the recession created a lot of new internet marketers and social media gurus. There is a lot of hype and not a lot of experience behind many of them.

The consumer that due to the economy is a lot more resistant to new purchases is now worried that he might be the next one to buy snake oil.

One way to avoid buying from people that will not be able to deliver what they promise is to educate yourself a little bit more on the topics you are interested in incorporating in your marketing strategies.

There are many events around the country that have lots of good, experienced professionals that you may attend.

To the new people in the market, there is nothing wrong in creating competitions, but please do the same. Attend some events to educate yourself and to deliver good results to your clients.

Below is a list of events you might want to attend. If events are not an option for you at the moment. Don’t forget we have several onDemand marketing training programs

SOBcon 2010– April #0th in Chicago-

Search and social spring summit– May 3rd, Tampa-

Conversion Conference West 2010– May 4th- San Jose-

Radiant Success Event– May 20th- Raleigh-

New marketing Experience– May 26th-

Search Marketing Expo Advanced– June 8th- Seattle-

Digital marketing days– June 14th0 NY-

Linkshare symposium– June 22nd- NY, –

BlogHer 10– August 5th, NY-

Audience Conference – August 14th- NY-

Affiliate Summit East 2010– August 15th- NY-

Search Engine Strategies San Francisco – August 16th-

Blog World Expo– October 14th- LV-

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