Women That Rock On Stage

Last week we attended #SAM Retreat. SAM stands for Sales, Advertising and Marketing. It was a very good event and has everything to become a must attend event in the future. There are only two things I would change… If you are going to show a preview of a web show or TV show right at the beginning of the event, make sure it is not going to alienate half of the audience. The preview of Real Women of Utah was offensive to most women living and working in Utah, no matter their background and/or beliefs. It is everything but real.

And of course, have women speaking. To their merit, they did ask for suggestions. Looks like they didn’t know of any professional women speakers. Hmm!

So I decided to put a list together of women that rock on state. That are great speakers, deliver great, useful content and sell from stage!

The list is in no particular order and I know it is incomplete. I added the ones I’ve seen speak. Help me add women that rock on stage on topics related to marketing, sales and advertising please.

1. Lisa Sasevich
2. Tiffany Peterson
3. BuzzBoosters
4. Ali Brown
5. Milana Leshinski
6. Susan Evans
7. Nancy Marmolejo
8. Michele Scism
9. Kathleen Gage
10. Janis Pettit
11. Denise Wakeman
12. Fabienne Fredrickson
13. Diane Conklin
14. Mari Smith
15. Donna Kozik
16. Ricci Neer
17. Melanie Strick
18. Carrie Wilkerson
19. Felicia Slattery
20. Deb Micek
21. Sandra Martini
22. Connie Green
23. Kimber Lim
24. Jeanette Cate
25. Patti Keating
26. Annette Pieper
27. Angela Johnson
28. Beth Lawrence (finding your marketing/sales voice)
29. Roberta Hughes

List of Internet Marketing Events

As expected, the recession created a lot of new internet marketers and social media gurus. There is a lot of hype and not a lot of experience behind many of them.

The consumer that due to the economy is a lot more resistant to new purchases is now worried that he might be the next one to buy snake oil.

One way to avoid buying from people that will not be able to deliver what they promise is to educate yourself a little bit more on the topics you are interested in incorporating in your marketing strategies.

There are many events around the country that have lots of good, experienced professionals that you may attend.

To the new people in the market, there is nothing wrong in creating competitions, but please do the same. Attend some events to educate yourself and to deliver good results to your clients.

Below is a list of events you might want to attend. If events are not an option for you at the moment. Don’t forget we have several onDemand marketing training programs

SOBcon 2010– April #0th in Chicago- www.sobevent.com

Search and social spring summit– May 3rd, Tampa- www.searchsocialsummit.com

Conversion Conference West 2010– May 4th- San Jose- www.conversionconference.com

Radiant Success Event– May 20th- Raleigh-

New marketing Experience– May 26th- www.nmlevents.com

Search Marketing Expo Advanced– June 8th- Seattle- www.searchmarketingexpo.com

Digital marketing days– June 14th0 NY- www.dmdays.org

Linkshare symposium– June 22nd- NY, – www.linkshare.com

BlogHer 10– August 5th, NY- www.blogher.com

Audience Conference – August 14th- NY- www.theaudienceconference.com

Affiliate Summit East 2010– August 15th- NY- www.affiliatesummit.com

Search Engine Strategies San Francisco – August 16th- www.searchenginestrategies.com

Blog World Expo– October 14th- LV- http://www.blogworldexpo.com/

Where are the BuzzBooster’s?

Where are the BuzzBoosters

We just came back from the Impact event where we had a great time, met some amazing people and got new clients. We got to meet and talk with Adam Urbanski, a person we wanted to know better for a long time since we admire his work. We had a great time there!

There was some free time to walk on the beach and relax, something we don’t do very often and there was time to play some geocaching. It was very exciting to find a camera geocaching! Nashlah was talking about this one for 2 days no stop. It was the highlight of this trip for her.

In May we are going to Dallas for the Super Conference. Looking forward to meet some of our friends there and do a lot of networking.

Also in May we’ll be attending Adam Urbanski event in Orange County .

JVAlert Philadelphia is on our map too.

Of course in every event we get some great tips from experts and add to our weekly show at BuzzBooster.tv

You don’t want to miss the best small business marketing show!