Where are the BuzzBooster’s?

Where are the BuzzBoosters

We just came back from the Impact event where we had a great time, met some amazing people and got new clients. We got to meet and talk with Adam Urbanski, a person we wanted to know better for a long time since we admire his work. We had a great time there!

There was some free time to walk on the beach and relax, something we don’t do very often and there was time to play some geocaching. It was very exciting to find a camera geocaching! Nashlah was talking about this one for 2 days no stop. It was the highlight of this trip for her.

In May we are going to Dallas for the Super Conference. Looking forward to meet some of our friends there and do a lot of networking.

Also in May we’ll be attending Adam Urbanski event in Orange County .

JVAlert Philadelphia is on our map too.

Of course in every event we get some great tips from experts and add to our weekly show at BuzzBooster.tv

You don’t want to miss the best small business marketing show!

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