List of uses in mobile marketing for small business

I’ve talked a lot about QR codes and the possibilities it has for business, so, let’s talk about something close to codes today. We will talk about mobile marketing for small businesses.

As you probably have noticed, almost every one carries a mobile phone. Some of us cannot imagine life without a cel phone anymore and many families are getting rid of land lines because they have no more use for them.

When you think about marketing a business, most of the time we think how to reach them in a specific place. For example when they are online in a search engine on a social network or we try to reach them with direct mail or phone when they are at home.

Up to a short time ago we had no way of reaching people wherever they are. Here comes mobile marketing and QR codes, geo-based games like FourSquare and text messaging. All very powerful ways to reach your audience and if used properly, a great way to increase sales and do follow-up.

Here I want to provide you with a list of things you could use mobile marketing, more specifically, text messages to promote, sell and follow-up.

– You can send people a Today’s special
– Buy one get one free
– contests
– New items arrived
– Raffles
– birthday specials.
– Restaurants can text when a table is ready.
– Send basic info about an item
– Basic info about you
– Photos of products
– for Real Estate you may want to send the property description
– Property virtual tous.
– New property listing
– Link to websites
– Appointment remiders
– Meeting reminders
– Networking events
– Special promos
– Emergency alerts
– Events
– Fundraisings
– Time to refil your prescription
– Reminder to set next appointment

There are probably many more ways to use mobile marketing in your busienss. Remember that text messages are usually received within seconds of sending, which means it is a great delivery method and is more reliable than e-mail.. you don’t need a special phone to received messages, most phones have this capability.

Americans sent over 90 billion text messages just last month, that is a lot more than voice calls.

You might not be texting a lot but you are not your audience. Mobile marketing is simple, effective and very low cost so there is no reason to not use this as a way to keep in front of your audience.

Basically you choose some keywords that you display in other marketing amterials like flyers, car window etc. People dial a number and input the keyword. They will see a personalized message(ex coupon) and now you have access and permission to send that person other messages. Be careful not to over do it. Ideally not more than 2 messages a week.

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