Information Marketing- Turning your Knowledge into products

Life is not easy for a lot of people out there these days. Unemployment is high and people over 40 years old know that chances of getting a job will be a daunting task. The only way out for many people is to finally start their own business. The selling of franchises is on a all time high and a lot of home based businesses are popping up.

Starting your own business comes with a lot of challenges and money is always a concern.

From all the options out there, one that offers low risk and great profit margins is an information marketing business.

In a nutshell an info-business is when you turn your knowledge into products.

Information based businesses can have many formats and it is a lot more than just making an e-book.

The entry point to start an info-marketing business is really low, you can really start with a few hundred bucks. Compare this to a normal $200,000 to buy restaurant equipment for example; money that you will invest with no guarantees of success.

An information marketing business can be totally automated. There is no need to be face to face with customers and prospects the whole day which buys you back time to do the things you love and create more info-products.

In most cases you don’t need to have a staff. There are minor things that you can outsource and in some cases you will want to have a fulfillment company doing the fulfillment for you.

There is no need for a store front or office. An information marketing business can be run from anywhere.

Let’s not forget the profit margins in an info-business. They are quite tempting. For example, a CD will cost you around a dollar to burn and will be sold for at least $27.

Besides CDs, e-books, DVDs there are close to 40 different formats of info-businesses out there many offering residual income.

As long as you are passionate about a subject that other people are interested in, you can start your info-biz.  You don’t need to understand technology, have degrees etc.

You might be asking yourself that information is available everywhere and anyone can Google anything and will find information about it for free, don’t forget that while this is true, people will always pay for knowledge they can apply right away and see results.

We are all very busy and researching for information can be quite frustrating. We all save time and money for specific information we can apply.

In times like this we need to improve our skills or acquire new skills. This is an opportunity for savvy people looking to start their own business.

If you want to know more about information marketing and how to start your info-business take a look at this: Info-marketing business

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