Get more results with Facebook

A great conversation about being more productive with Facebook took place with Alex Mandossian and here are a few nuggets:

Tips to maximize Facebook for business

Want more people to visit the links you post
in your Facebook updates? Be sure to include the http:// before the
www to make them clickable links

Why not make a theme for each week for your posts

On a page, add events manually, rather than letting the event app
post them.Just copy the URL
of the event, and add as a link, along with relevant copy of your
choosing on the wall of the page.

You can subscribe to any Facebook page in an RSS reader and monitor
content from afar.

Connect the Networked Blogs application
( to your Facebook account. Then add
the rss feed from you main blogs. Next, select the option in the
Networked Blogs setting to post your RSS feed to your Facebook
Page. As soon as you have 20 people follow your feed your content
is syndicated on Facebook!

Create a Welcome tab and a default setting for first time visitors
to your page so that they can learn a little more about you and what
you do.

Research shows that people watch video on Facebook for an average
of 1-minute, 45-seconds

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