How to choose a marketing consultant

With the internet and social media marketing along came a huge line of new marketing consultants. Unfortunately a big chunk still live in their mother’s basement and never made a penny online.  Even worse, they have no business experience.  Getting advice from these people can cause you a lot of headaches and take your business down.

Here are several tips for securing talent that will save your project time, mistakes and money when choosing a Marketing Consultant:

– Meet 1 on 1

– Look at their work product, PR, past strategies, designs

– Ask about the products they have launched themselves

– Check the Alexa Rank and Page rank of their websites.

– Check their presence online.

– Ask about their revenue models online and check examples given.

– Have they won or been nominated for  industry awards?

– References are nice, but really, who gives bad references?

– What specific, off-the-cuff strategies does the consultant propose?

– Do the strategies proposed seem cogent, offer fresh perspective?

– Check if what he/she is offering are real strategies or just a bunch of tactics you could learn from a book.

– Do they have hands on experience in business?

– Don’t price shop. Good consultants are not cheap. Here the saying “you get what you pay for” really applies.

– Listen to your guts.

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