What doesn’t work in social media

Small business owners know they need to be using the internet and social media marketing to promote their business. Many times they start doing themselves and after a while start questioning what they are doing because they don’t see any return on the time and money invested.

This is actually very common. Here is a list of things you need to know that do not work with social media in order to avoid wasting your time: – Trying to do a million things at the same time – Fail to understand that social media is a process and will not work overnight.

– Fail to see that an advertising approach will not work. – Trying to use social media tools without a strategy. – Not automating most of your social media efforts. – Confusing marketing with social media with becoming a social butterfly. – Using social media as your only marketing effort. – Believing you can make money with no work, no investment and do it overnight. – Buying every new product promising the above. – Join or use every new tool that comes up.

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