The Invisible Force: Reimagining Consumer Engagement Beyond Gender Bias

In the contemporary market, an oversight seems to persist—a blind spot towards an immensely influential consumer base: women. Are businesses truly seeing the force behind the female consumer, or are they rendered invisible by ingrained biases?

The Ignored Power of the Female Consumer
It’s alarming how many products and services are designed without considering the significant impact and potential purchasing power of women. There’s a prevailing false assumption that women might not have the economic capability to invest in these offerings. This oversight leads to missed opportunities and a disconnect between businesses and a major demographic.

Shifting Tides: The Evolving Consumer Landscape
Industries that historically fixated on male-centric marketing strategies must recognize that the landscape has dramatically shifted. Women are catalysts for change in consumer behaviors, wielding substantial spending power. The outdated perception that their primary consumer base comprises men no longer aligns with reality.

The Economic Force: Unveiling Female Purchasing Power
By 2028, projections suggest that a staggering 75% of discretionary spending will be attributed to women. This figure serves as a compelling wake-up call for businesses still tethered to the belief that their primary consumers are male.

Rethinking Business Strategies: Embracing Inclusivity
It’s high time for a fundamental reevaluation of business strategies and market approaches. Recognizing the evolving spending power and influence of women is not just a matter of morality; it’s a pragmatic business move. Adapting marketing, product development, and service delivery to be more inclusive can unlock an untapped market potential.

Conclusion: Redefining Perspectives for a Thriving Future
As industries and businesses strive to leap ahead, the pivotal question emerges: Are you still viewing your consumers through an outdated lens? Shifting perspectives, acknowledging the substantial influence of the female consumer, and adapting strategies accordingly is the key to staying relevant and prosperous in the market.

Why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to create short form videos on social media

Here are some reasons why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to create short form videos for these platforms:

Captivate and engage audiences: Short form videos are perfect for capturing and holding the attention of audiences who have short attention spans. They allow brands to communicate their message effectively and creatively in a short amount of time.

Increase brand visibility: Social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram have millions of active users, and by creating short form videos, brands can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Boost engagement and conversion rates: Short form videos have the potential to increase engagement and conversion rates by providing audiences with quick and digestible content that is easy to consume and share.

When it comes to creating short form videos for social media, here are some content ideas that work well for brands:

Product demos: Short form videos can be used to showcase products and demonstrate how they work. Brands can use this type of content to highlight the unique features and benefits of their products.

How-to videos: How-to videos are a great way to provide value to audiences while showcasing a brand’s expertise. These types of videos can cover a range of topics, from DIY projects to beauty tutorials.

Behind-the-scenes content: Audiences love to see what goes on behind the scenes of a brand, whether it’s a sneak peek at a new product launch or a look at the day-to-day operations of the business.

User-generated content: Brands can encourage their followers to create short form videos featuring their products or services. User-generated content is a great way to build trust and loyalty with audiences while also increasing brand visibility.

Educational content: Short form videos can also be used to educate audiences about a particular topic or industry. Brands can create content that provides valuable insights and information that their audience will find helpful and informative.

Overall, creating short form videos for social media is a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with their audience and promote their brand in a creative and engaging way.

New changes on Facebook

As usual, more changes happening on Facebook. These are actually good ones.
Here is what the great Mari Smith said about these changes:

Two more changes to Facebook’s News Feed just announced! Again, the emphasis is on quality content, relevance and giving priority to related conversations. “Helping You Find More News To Talk About”

Here are the two updates with suggested takeaways:

① Facebook continues to put emphasis on quality content. Now, links to quality articles on external sites will be given priority in the News Feed, especially on mobile. “Meme photos” (hosted outside of Facebook) will be given lower priority in the News Feed.

Facebook’s surveys reveal that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports teams, or shared interests to the latest meme.

In addition, soon after you click on an article in the News Feed to read it, you may see up to three related articles directly below to help you discover more interesting content. Cool!

➤ TAKEAWAY: As we get ready to go into a new year, focus on producing, curating and sharing excellent content that is relevant to your audience. Of course, this has always been the case, but with these new changes, we may start to see (finally!) LINK posts getting better “EdgeRank” (News Feed visibility). Perhaps at some point, link post reach will eventually be on par with status updates and photo posts?! That would be awesome.

② Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new way to push stories you may not have seen in the News Feed yet back up to the top. This tweak to the algorithm is called “Story Bump.” Now, Facebook is adding bumping to also highlight stories with new comments. When you make a comment on a post, often you might not return to that conversation. This new bumping update allows you to resurface stories with new comments to see what else has been said and add to the thread, if you wish.

➤ TAKEAWAY: Make good use of Friend Lists (including the Close Friends List) and Interest Lists to keep a closer eye on key contacts, friends and Pages so you can proactively engage with relevant posts. As you engage with posts, this helps to bump that story higher in the News Feed of the people involved in the conversation. (To learn how to set up Lists, see this post:

Remember, “Content is King but Engagement is Queen and she rules the house!” These two updates to Facebook’s News Feed are great examples of that quote.

7 Success Factors of a Social Business

  1. Define the overall business goal and align social media strategies against it.
  2. Establish the long-term vision for becoming a social business.
  3. Seek and earn key executive support and sponsorship based on the business case, not the trend.
  4. Beyond marketing and service campaigns, develop a list of prioritized initiatives that will demonstrate business value at the enterprise-level and in key functions/lines of business and plot them on a two-to-three year roadmap.
  5. Train and educate executives and employees not just how to use social media, but also how social media can impact business objectives and how to develop and run programs that do so continually.
  6. Get the right people involved at the right levels. An effective social business strategy takes a unified approach with cross-functional support. It’s a combination of social media savvy and business acumen.
  7. Invest in technology only after your vision and strategy are set. Technology and social media in general are only enablers to the overall mission and purpose you set forth.

social media graph

Research by Brian Solis

E-mail marketing better than SEO and Social Media?

Very interesting info-graphic about the efficiency of e-mail marketing from Business2community.

E-mail marketing


If you feel overwhelmed by this fact, read on to learn about some great email subject lines that will guarantee your targeted audience opens your email.

1.) Subjects that Offer Contrary Advice

This particular subject line works really well if the audience happens to encompass members of the business community. Ultimately, the use of a contrarian title makes a reader begin to think about what you actually mean and they end up opening your email specifically to find out if they guessed what you were talking about.

Example: Your Clients Have No Idea What They Want: Effective Research Shows Correct Market Trends and Foregoes Collecting Customer Opinions

2.) A Creative Thought that Doesn’t Really Fit Together

In a sense, this could involve the use of sarcasm. When used correctly, this style of writing can be humorous, invoke curiosity and inspire action. But remember, if you use it in the subject line, the body of the text has to back it up.

Example: Accomplish All Your Dreams without Leaving Your House

3.) Say Something Controversial

Ultimately, controversy will always be an effective marketing tool. This is why the National Enquirer and other celebrity tabloids will always fly off the shelves. A reader always wants to learn a secret or be privy to salacious information. As an email marketer, you can use this desire to sell your product or service.

Example: What Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Know About Paid Ads

4.) Shock and Awe

Shock will always be one of the most intense emotions a human can experience, for better or worse. Shocking information sells and, just like the breaking news ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the TV screen, this type of subject line should be timely. After all, how many times have you paused what you are doing specifically to check out what a shocking headline was about, either on TV or the Internet? The same can be said about email.

Example: Warren Buffett Explains Why Your Business Is Going to Get Crushed in 2013

5.) Reference the World of Pop Culture

As much as many of us may hate to admit it, there is a reason why people like the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan attract our attention. While it may be a form of mediocre entertainment, most people have a hard time turning their attention away from pop culture references. This is because, for good or bad, pop culture icons satisfy our curiosity as well as allow us to feel good about our choices (because of their bad ones). A pop culture reference in an email subject line can be pure gold.

Example: What Not to Do: Kim Kardashian’s Guide to Bad Business

In closing, there are some rules to follow when writing email subject lines.

  • Make it useful; promise valuable information to the reader.
  • Ensure that there is a sense of urgency; it must inspire the reader to open the email right now.
  • Create a unique message; ensure the email is something that is compelling and creative.
  • Provide specifics; always make sure that the message shows how the reader will benefit from the information.

Remember, your targeted audience is not simply standing by, waiting to hear from you. When you do happen to have an email in their in-box, you have to give them a reason to open your message and read what you have to say.


Love me, hate me but look at me

Frankly every time I go to a social network I can hear the screams of professionals: “Love me, Hate me but look at me”

Every one with a different tip, a cooler picture, or in many cases, a bigger lie. “look how I made 6 figures in 3 days: etc.

It looks like we are so desperate to be popular, to be visible and to get people to pay attention to us that we just do anything.

So desperate, we forget to search for what is really important: Qualified customers with an emotional reason to stay close to us.

We forget what is really important in our business and just spend time in actions that will not bring us any profits. Even worse, most of the time we forget to set a structured process to convert the few that do pay attention to us.

No wonder, failure is a word that crosses the mind of many of these entrepreneurs.

Friend, social media is a knife with a sharp edge on both ends. It can help you a lot but it can also kill you.

Unfortunately, lately it looks more like a harakiri sword where many entrepreneurs use to commit suicide.
They drink this drug of choice and leave their business to the hands of fake popularity.

It drives me crazy. I love what social media can do for business but I can’t stand anymore this search for fool’s gold. A new trick everyday to fool yourself that things will happen fast and easy. If only you buy this new e-book, software, program etc.

Stop this nonsense right now I beg you!

Achieving long lasting prosperity takes more than this. Above all it takes some thinking time and a strategy.

Let’s look at this:
If you were an artist with your work in a gallery, how could you stand out from the other paintings?

1. You could paint a bigger picture. That alone would make you pop. In marketing, I think this is where social media can be used well. You can be everywhere.

2. Paint a different picture. You can always go with the herd and do whatever everyone else is doing or… can do what makes sense to your business, have a structured process to convert your marketing efforts. Let’s face it, you can be marketing all day but if you don’t have a process to make sales where are you going to end up?
I talk to people everyday and so many don’t have a process to sell.

3. You can paint a picture that tells a story. You can create emotional connections, have people stop and pay attention to you, tell your hero’s story and engage people is a whole different level than number of friends and followers. Those numbers don’t matter if they don’t pay attention. I have a whole system on how to position your business to become irresistible here.

4. You can do all of the above and stand beside the picture engaging with possible buyers and closing the sale. Yes you. not a tool, not an audio, not a message on a wall. You. You are necessary in your business. You must have a process, a strategy and you must ask for the sale. You don’t need to be miss popular, you need to be a true entrepreneur that does what it takes to succeed. You need to stay away from the herd, be yourself and take specific actions to make your business grow. Most of them will happen outside the social media environment. Stop fooling yourself. Social media is just media, it is not the solution to all your business needs or marketing needs.

Come on, you can achieve so much more.

Social midia marketing: Here comes Pinterest

Yes, there is a shiny baby out there and the name is:

Let’s look at some numbers:

It’s been around for two years. But in the last few months, interest in Pinterest, the social media site that lets you “pin” images onto a virtual corkboard, is off the charts.

Before you start groaning because it’s one more program to learn, check out these stats:

–From December 2011 to January 2012, unique visitors to increased by 155 percent.

–More than one in four users earns more than $100,000 a year.

–The site registered more than 7 million unique visitors in December, up from 1.6 million in September.

–It’s pulling more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, according to one study.

–Research shows that many people are spending more time “pinning” than they are connecting with their friends on the almighty Facebook.

Why should businesses pay attention to Pinterest?

By putting the “Pin It” button on your pages, all of your pins will include a link back to the source, such as your website or blog, a great way to revive interest in old content.

–You can connect Pinterest to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which means you don’t initially need a huge number of followers on Pinterest to start picking up steam.

–You can create boards around topics that tie into your products and services, being careful not to overtly promote.

–Users admit that Pinterest is absolutely addictive. That’s because, unlike other social media sites, it’s filled with millions of colorful, captivating photos and a clean design that pulls you in.