Love me, hate me but look at me

Frankly every time I go to a social network I can hear the screams of professionals: “Love me, Hate me but look at me”

Every one with a different tip, a cooler picture, or in many cases, a bigger lie. “look how I made 6 figures in 3 days: etc.

It looks like we are so desperate to be popular, to be visible and to get people to pay attention to us that we just do anything.

So desperate, we forget to search for what is really important: Qualified customers with an emotional reason to stay close to us.

We forget what is really important in our business and just spend time in actions that will not bring us any profits. Even worse, most of the time we forget to set a structured process to convert the few that do pay attention to us.

No wonder, failure is a word that crosses the mind of many of these entrepreneurs.

Friend, social media is a knife with a sharp edge on both ends. It can help you a lot but it can also kill you.

Unfortunately, lately it looks more like a harakiri sword where many entrepreneurs use to commit suicide.
They drink this drug of choice and leave their business to the hands of fake popularity.

It drives me crazy. I love what social media can do for business but I can’t stand anymore this search for fool’s gold. A new trick everyday to fool yourself that things will happen fast and easy. If only you buy this new e-book, software, program etc.

Stop this nonsense right now I beg you!

Achieving long lasting prosperity takes more than this. Above all it takes some thinking time and a strategy.

Let’s look at this:
If you were an artist with your work in a gallery, how could you stand out from the other paintings?

1. You could paint a bigger picture. That alone would make you pop. In marketing, I think this is where social media can be used well. You can be everywhere.

2. Paint a different picture. You can always go with the herd and do whatever everyone else is doing or… can do what makes sense to your business, have a structured process to convert your marketing efforts. Let’s face it, you can be marketing all day but if you don’t have a process to make sales where are you going to end up?
I talk to people everyday and so many don’t have a process to sell.

3. You can paint a picture that tells a story. You can create emotional connections, have people stop and pay attention to you, tell your hero’s story and engage people is a whole different level than number of friends and followers. Those numbers don’t matter if they don’t pay attention. I have a whole system on how to position your business to become irresistible here.

4. You can do all of the above and stand beside the picture engaging with possible buyers and closing the sale. Yes you. not a tool, not an audio, not a message on a wall. You. You are necessary in your business. You must have a process, a strategy and you must ask for the sale. You don’t need to be miss popular, you need to be a true entrepreneur that does what it takes to succeed. You need to stay away from the herd, be yourself and take specific actions to make your business grow. Most of them will happen outside the social media environment. Stop fooling yourself. Social media is just media, it is not the solution to all your business needs or marketing needs.

Come on, you can achieve so much more.

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