Marketing to boomers: some facts

Today in America, the average car buyer is 56- a boomer, the average head of the household is 52- boomer, MAC user 54- boomer, American Express credit card holder 57, 57 is also the age of the average business owner.
Real money is in the hand of boomers and so is decision making.

Definition of Boomers according to Wikipedia: A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post-World War II baby boom and who grew up during the period between 1946 and 1964.
In general, baby boomers are associated with a rejection or redefinition of traditional values; however, many commentators have disputed the extent of that rejection, noting the widespread continuity of values with older and younger generations. In Europe and North America boomers are widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of affluence.[3] As a group, they were the healthiest, and wealthiest generation to that time, and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time.

One feature of Boomers was that they tended to think of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before. In the 1960s, as the relatively large numbers of young people became teenagers and young adults, they, and those around them, created a very specific rhetoric around their cohort, and the change they were bringing about.[5] This rhetoric had an important impact in the self perceptions of the boomers, as well as their tendency to define the world in terms of generations, which was a relatively new phenomenon.

Do you know your ideal client from an emotional level? What he/she cares about, what she/he values?
If you are marketing to boomers, you should.

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