Marketing using the Pokemon Go craze

Here is a guerrilla strategy we used to create local awareness to our new venture of online courses called Curious Mondo. We made tons of handmade Pokeballs and left at Pokestops around town. (Balls are used in the Pokemon Go craze). These balls lead them to a free online course on Pokemon Go where we capture leads.

I think this was pretty clever, I’ll keep you updated on the results. It is usually a clever marketing strategy when you piggy back on something the media is talking about. You get attention easier and of course, depending on how you are marketing you can get a lot of traffic too.

Our focus was to get attention locally right now, while the topic is on top. This is the reason we went with handmade Pokeballs. If we had the time we would find a way to make the balls with another material and in a larger number. But sometimes you just need to act fast!



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