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If lately you bought any of the business magazines out there like Entrepreneur, Inc etc. you saw that one of the biggest trends for 2013 is social media marketing.

It is not very difficult to imagine the reason why social media is still the talk of the town.

Business owners are finally paying attention to it and seeing opportunities to market their business. When it comes to marketing in a soft market with a lot more competition and many times with a smaller budget, social media marketing can come very handy. It is not free like many people like to claim. To be done well, it does cost some money, time and effort. Did I say it also needs some thinking?

Anyone can start Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc, but to make them work and bring back prospects, sales, awareness, branding, it takes a bit more.

I still talk to business owners who believe they don’t need to do anything online or even worse, they don’t need to do any marketing, they say all their business comes from referrals. My hair goes up every time I hear this. They don’t notice because I use my hair up anyway, just in case it is a day I meet one of those business owners.

The truth is social media is the best venue for more referrals if you know what you are doing. Not to mention that buyers use search engines all the time and if you don’t use social media, you don’t show well on search engines anymore. Not only that, try a search on Google and you will see how many results are coming from social media sites like Pinterest and Google Plus.

It is a brave new world out there and it is for the brave. I hope you are one of them.

We know that doing social media right, consistently and constantly requires time and time is your most precious asset. Maybe the best route for your business is to outsource your social media marketing campaign.
Your mission then is to outsource. But if you choose to accept this mission beware that hiring someone with little experience, no marketing or business knowledge will only lead to frustration.

You don’t need to be frustrated, do you?

I have an offer for you. Yes, I know you knew this was coming. We did this offer 6 months ago and a lot of people took advantage of it and are now 6 months ahead of you when it comes to marketing with social media.

Waiting has a high cost in business.

This is an offer we normally ask $2,500.00 a month. For the next 48 hours, it will be only $947 a month, for 4 months.

It includes: Your social media campaign:

– Keywords research: You’ll get a list of keywords you should be targeting to get qualified clients. We’ll use those keywords during the campaign as well.

– Twitter: We’ll customize your twitter account background (with a call-to-action), and gather a nice amount of targeted followers for you (at least 1,000 new targeted followers), Send out 6 daily Twitter messages (we’ll even create the messages for you).

– Facebook: Customize your business page, add a lead-capture page (so you can get more leads directly from inside Facebook), post messages to your page on a daily basis.

– LinkedIn: Daily messages on LinkedIn.

– Video SEO: Create 4 monthly videos targeting specific keywords so you can rank for those keywords on Google. 60% of people click on videos inside the search engines. They might as well click on your videos! (we’ll create the videos and the content for them so you won’t have to worry about that)

Bonus: We’ll include a Google Plus business page and post daily messages there too!

All you need to do is call in the next 48 hours 801-842-9765 or e-mail

You can shop around and you will see that many companies ask the same amount to provide just one social network. You will get a smart presence on 5 and will be able to generate leads to your e-mail.

Now, branding, awareness, attention, loyalty, sales, leads await for you on social media environments!

Let’s get this going? 801-842-9765

There are only 5 spots available this time so hurry.

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