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Smart businesses today know they have to use online video in their marketing mix. It is a powerful and really inexpensive media that reaches millions of people around the world.
One option of doing online videos for business when you think that producing a video would be complicated, is to use screen capture softwares. They record everything you have on your computer screen like photos, power point presentations and it records together with your voice. When you save, it saves in a video format ready to upload.
Screen capture videos are easy to use, fast and a great option if you want to use presentations you gave before or created training videos. is an online option to create a video. It is very easy to use. Great if you are doing just for fun or to communicate with your list, but it is not the best option to make videos to promote your business. is another option. It allows you to create a 5 minute video really fast. It also records what is on your screen. I use it to send instructions to my virtual assistant. We also keep all videos with training material, so when someone new comes onboard to our team, he or she can watch the videos and be trained and we saved hours that we would spend training ourselves.
Producing an online video can be done today by just using your cel phone or by getting a Flip camera. You point, shoot, hook to the computer and upload. It is really simple.
Some things you can accomplish with online video:
The best option when doing online video for business is to create your own Web TV show. This would help branding you or your company and because a show happens every week or every two weeks, you would educate your audience to come back and watch the show. Consistency in social media is king. Your own show would also establish you as the intentional choice for your market.
You can have an online infomercial about your product or service, for a fraction of the cost for traditional media.
Put your video resume so you can find better work opportunities.

Have a book trailer to promote your book and sell more.

Have videos on your site that will increase traffic and conversion.
Add video testimonials to your website- they have a lot more credibility
Have video on a squeeze page to generate more leads. This is a great option for local businesses and are proven to increase at least 30% the response rate.
Create training videos to employees, virtual assistants or for your site.
What about having you show up and walk on your website and introduce your business? Your website will be more engaging with video and audio than just plain text.
When you use online video, these things happen:
You will reach millions of people without spending a dime
You’ll rank on Google really easily with a video for your main keywords
Better branding
Become a celebrity
Double your business.
Get higher fees when you sell.
Reach millions of people without spending a lot of money.
Be perceived as the expert.
Get clients to call you.
Sell larger amounts of products.
Have your Bioclip.
Use this easy and cheap electronic marketing tool so that people around the world know your name.
Some Examples:
Gary Vainerchuck started his show and his wine store went from 1.5 million a year to 10m.
Blendtec a blender manufacturer is the greatest example on YouTube and they sell more blenders on a weekend than they used to sell in their best month.
Our show Who pops your popcorn? Reaches thousands of people every week and generates not only more clients but more PR.
And there are many more companies that benefit from the use of online videos.
You heard it, people respond better to visual.
No one has a problem to click the play button and people love to watch video.
Why not invest in your ability to take control of your profits, increase your lifestyle and make a substantial amount of money simply because you chose to get yourself on an online video?
The cost: It is really low if you compare to any kind of media, with one big difference: There are 154 million people watching videos online. It is more than if you combine all tv and movie screens! So, start planning how you want your video to be. You can use your home camera or even your computer camera to shoot your video and there are many cheap and easy softwares to help you edit.
You don’t need to edit though. Social media is about being transparent and real. Online videos should not have a lot of production and some mistakes are ok as long as the content provides value.
Want to understand and have step by step instructions on how to use online video?
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