Promoting your website

Here are some ways to promote your website and bring more traffic

Sticky Sites Work: Make your site “sticky” by adding discussion boards, freebies, software downloads, and/or free original content.

Ebooks: Writing and giving away your own e-book is viral marketing at its finest. After creation, make sure you list it with the various free ebook directories that exist for such purposes. You’ll also want to contact other site owners who may have an interest in giving your content away for free to their site visitors or ezine subscribers. If you run your own Affiliate Program, you could make them re-brandable as an incentive for your resellers to give your ebooks away.

Coupons: Use your computer to create some money-saving coupons for a discount on online purchases made at your site, and pass them out or do a direct mailing and also list them on your website.

Voicemail: If your company has voice mail, have your employees’ list your web address in their messages. If you use an answering machine, make sure you include it in your “unavailable message”.

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