See? Even McDonald’s Takes on New Challenges

In keeping up with the topic of change, I grinned when I read an article on BusinessWeek about the big change McDonald’s is going through.

It’s often unrealistic to base your business on examples of huge national companies, let’s face it they’ve got the budget to move things forward a lot faster and the resources to control the damage, if any.

But the reason I like to bring up companies like Disney, GE, McDonald’s and so on is to show that no matter how huge they are they still must go through up’s and downs, shifts, and changes. Yes, it’s on a different scale, but it’s just as daunting to them as it is to you.

McDonalds is working on growing their breakfast market and making some big changes, perhaps the biggest change they’ve done since 1977, and yet that’s not stopping them because the changes will lead to new and better scenarios.

Take a look at your business with “fresh eyes” – if it’s time to start selling specialty coffee when you’re known for selling hamburgers, go for it… just be sure to be prepared.

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