The Ironies of Life Don’t Need to Impact Your Bottom Line

Isn’t it funny how there are just as many men shorter than 5 feet 9 inches as those who are taller and yet only a handful of stores cater exclusively to shorter men?!

It’s a common mistake to assume that what your clients need is what you think they need. It really shouldn’t be about what you think, I mean, who cares about that? It’s about the facts… the facts will make a difference in your bottom line.

So be sure to study and track your progress. Maybe what you think is true but you will only know for sure if you’re cautious and diligent in implementing, studying, and monitoring your activities.

Hey, Jimmy Au’s didn’t remove the words “Short and Small” from the store’s name simply because they thought it was better, they did it because inhibitions were lowered, and sales rose.

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