Small business marketing with Kindle

E-Book Devices Expected to Reach 10 Million U.S. Homes 10.3 million U.S. homes will have an e-reader by the end of this year, Forrester Research estimates. E-reader owners buy an average of 15 e-books per year, and two-thirds of the e-readers already in owners’ hands are Kindles.
I love to read and think holding a book in my hand provides a better experience, but I have to tell you, I love my Kindle. It is a lot easier to travel and have my e-book reader in my bag, it is a lot lighter and in one small device I can carry several books, magazines and blogs I love to read.Allows me to consume information when I want, where I want and from different media options.
No wonder so many people are buying e-book readers. Some say by 2011 e-books will outsold paper books.

Now why is this important to your business? Because here lies a huge opportunity to market to all Kindle owners for free.

See the paragraph above where I mentioned I can carry in my Kindle books, magazines and blogs? Yes, blogs.

If you have one, you can submit to Amazon and have it available for Kindle owners.

People will be able to subscribe to your blog, free for 14 days and after that pay a monthly subscription to read your content. Amazon will share this subscription with you. Here is a revenue opportunity for your blog, but I think the best part is the possibility to reach an audience you couldn’t reach before.

In order to have your blog available for Kindle owners you need to go to Amazon, Kindle Store and then click on Blogs and set up a publishing account. After that you will need to provide some basic information about your blog like the RSS feed, how often you publish, what is the blog about etc.

Submit and after a couple of days Amazon will review and approve your blog.

You will be able to check later how many people subscribe to your blog. Note that the real reason you are doing this is because your blog will be on the search engine in the Kindle store and on Amazon. This is great in itself because is giving you visibility.

Don’t forget that your blog needs to be updated consistently.

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