Small Business Video Marketing Strategies: Steps To Ranking a YouTube Video

According to YouTube’s Statistics page:

♦ 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
♦ More US adults are reached by YouTube ages 18-34 than every other cable network.
♦ YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users visit every month.

1. Use what you’ve got: Use what you know… film what you already do.

2 Your Title is Everything: Not only does the name of the movie carry the most SEO value; it’s the single item of info most possible to earn (or lose) a click. In the Search Engine Optimization perspective, your title should contain as many of your keywords and keyword phrases as possible, while also showing compelling and organic.

3 Writing Your Description: Your video’s “description” is the text immediately beneath the title. Since this is what’s going to appear immediately under the title of your video when it pops up in search results, the start of your own description should be particularly concentrated on keywords. YouTube allows you to use up to 5,000 characters in your description, that is around 800 words. Do you want that many? Most likely not.

4 Making use of Tags: YouTube features a limit for tags. Make the most of ‘em! Produce at least 6-8 labels, using variations on your own film’s name, with phrases like “official trailer,” “HD trailer,” etc.

#5 Don’t Neglect the Visual: Custom Thumbnails:We often think about “search engine optimization” as interchangeable with “smart keyword use.” Not-so. Keyword usage is merely a single part of SEO. You have the choice of choosing custom thumbnails for the YouTube video, once you have a verified YouTube account.

# 6 Benefit from Closed Captioning: You don’t have to have a foreign movie to provide it closed captioning (CC). When you upload your picture trailer’s script, add closed captions. All they have to do is search for this line and Google/YouTube will recognize it in the CC info. Additionally, YouTube handles the CC/sound alignment for you, creating this attribute simpler than you might expect.

#7 You Have HD So Use It! You shot your picture in HD. You edited it in HD.

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Small Business Video Marketing Strategies: Steps To Ranking a YouTube Video

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