Super Bowl Ads Are Less Effective Than Others

Before-and-after interviews with more than 1,000 customers in 2012 and 2013 indicate that 80% of Super Bowl ads fail to increase purchases or purchase intent, according to research firm Communicus. That’s about 20 percentage points worse than the average of ads the firm tests. One limiting factor for Super Bowl commercials is that they tend not to run regularly after the game; another is that brand association sometimes gets lost in the highly entertaining story lines, the firm says.

SOURCE: Study: 80% of Super Bowl Ads Don’t Help Sales

Maybe this is one reason why some spots were broadcast online first?

Stupid Marketing

This billboard has some clever things like the picture, big phone number and website.

The Facebook sign, should I stop the car and click?

Why send people to Facebook where you have no control over and you don’t know if your message will be shown to your followers. Your site is the environment you control so when you are doing paid advertising, don’t send them to 2 different places. It is stupid.

bad advertising

Marketing difficult products

Some products are harder to market, difficult to talk about. The approach needs to be clever and different.

P&G some years ago started Being Girl with a different approach to reach girls and have them talk about their periods. Their site is an example on how to reach people in a different manner and have them talking about topics that are difficult to share.

Hello Flo has created a commercial that is very creative in selling tampons and a membership program at the same time.

Sarah’s Secret Society, another company, targets a different audience and fosters a dialogue from people with urinary incontinence. They created the Video Diaries to show how to live a full life with incontinence.

No matter the product or how difficult it is to talk about it, there is always a clever way to market to your audience. Take calculated risks and see the results.

Commercial With Emotional Connection

Every time we talk about consumer psychology and NeuroMarketing we talk about the importance of creating an emotional connection with your audience. It can be done in any touch point with your audience.
Here is a commercial in Thailand from a telecommunication conglomerate called True that did an amazing job in creating an emotional connection on a low budget film.
It is spectacular!

Fast food chain with a brain.

Take a look at Chipotle’s new commercial.

It’s being called “the most beautiful, haunting infomercial you’ll ever see.”

It’s being called “the most beautiful, haunting infomercial you’ll ever see.”

Also kudos to the company that back in July, for example, the company announced plans to become the first US restaurant chain to strip its menu items of all genetically engineered ingredients.

The company that targets Millenials has chosen other media outlets to promote its brand other than Tv


How To Advertise Your Online Business

Learning the best ways how to advertise your business can be a real chore to say the least. There is
certainly no shortage of companies trying to convince you that you need to subscribe to their marketing
or advertising approach to gain clients. So, the real question is, “What’s the best form of advertising for
your business?” Well, research indicates that online advertising is not only far more cost-effective than
traditional off-line forms of advertising, but online advertising is also fairly easy to set up.

First of all, let me say, that there are really two forms of online advertising; there’s the paid method
known as pay-per-click advertising, and the “free” method known as SEO or search engine optimization.
For the purposes of this post, we’ll be talking about the paid method because it’s the easiest and
quickest way to implement a successful online advertising campaign.

For our purposes, I’m only going to refer to the Google search engine since Google dominates the
internet world. Google’s form of pay-per-click advertising is called Google Adwords. It’s referred to as
pay-per-click advertising because while your ads can appear for any number of targeted search terms,
you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Starting a Google Adwords campaign only
costs $5 to start and your ads can be up in a matter of minutes. Do a Google search for “$75 Adwords
voucher”, and if you’re a new advertiser to Adwords, Google will pay for the first $75 of your ad spend.

There are several components to Adwords that makes it the best way how to advertise your business
online. First of all, you have complete control over what you spend. Adwords allows you to set a daily
budget, so if you only want to spend, say, $300 per month, then you would set your daily budget at $10.
Once you spend $10 for the day, Google will pause your ads and turn them back on the following day.

Another thing I love about Adwords is the ability for what’s known as geo-targeting. Geo-targeting
allows you ads to only be visible to people in a certain geographic area or areas. If you only want to
attract clients in Houston, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland, you can do that.

Furthermore, you have the ability to select as many keywords as you want to trigger your ads allowing
you to reach the maximum amount of targeted leads to your site. Finally, what I love most about
Adwords is the ability to see what’s working and not working. By viewing the historical data in your
account, you can see how many people viewed your ads and how many of those viewers clicked on your
ads. This allows you to make necessary changes to better optimize your account for maximum ROI.

Guest post by:  Brandon Jones
Senior Marketing Advisor
My Marketing Team

Top 10 reasons why people don’t buy

If you are not seeing sales lately or you don’t see as many sales as you’d like, here is a list of some reasons why that may be happening:

1. Your message is not clear

2. They don’t trust you.

3. You are not getting their attention.(it doesn’t matter if you have 5 k friends on Facebook, it matters how many people are paying attention to what you say)

4. Fail to create desire. (This can be very simple as offering a free report)

5. You think talking to them once is enough.(in a noisy market place you need to reach people several times and you need to do this without being annoying)

6. You don’t follow-up.

7 Not having a strategy for them to initiate the contact. (which is proven to increase sales by 60%)

8. You are not leading the sales process.

9. You don’t have a sales process, you just sell.

10. You don’t clearly state the value of what you are offering.

Bonus: You are not talking to the heart. Remember, you sell to the heart.

Bonus 2: When using social media to market your business you cannot just offer people your services or products, you need to provide value, interact and engage them first. Sorry but the advertise age is dead.