Top 10 reasons why people don’t buy

If you are not seeing sales lately or you don’t see as many sales as you’d like, here is a list of some reasons why that may be happening:

1. Your message is not clear

2. They don’t trust you.

3. You are not getting their attention.(it doesn’t matter if you have 5 k friends on Facebook, it matters how many people are paying attention to what you say)

4. Fail to create desire. (This can be very simple as offering a free report)

5. You think talking to them once is enough.(in a noisy market place you need to reach people several times and you need to do this without being annoying)

6. You don’t follow-up.

7 Not having a strategy for them to initiate the contact. (which is proven to increase sales by 60%)

8. You are not leading the sales process.

9. You don’t have a sales process, you just sell.

10. You don’t clearly state the value of what you are offering.

Bonus: You are not talking to the heart. Remember, you sell to the heart.

Bonus 2: When using social media to market your business you cannot just offer people your services or products, you need to provide value, interact and engage them first. Sorry but the advertise age is dead.

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