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This week our teleseminar will be on How to create an Irresistible business.

You will discover how to add 7 components to your business that will turn you in a client attraction machine.

These are simple components that anyone can incorporate and change the face of their business.

We will also have several prizes during the call

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Top 10 reasons why people don’t buy

If you are not seeing sales lately or you don’t see as many sales as you’d like, here is a list of some reasons why that may be happening:

1. Your message is not clear

2. They don’t trust you.

3. You are not getting their attention.(it doesn’t matter if you have 5 k friends on Facebook, it matters how many people are paying attention to what you say)

4. Fail to create desire. (This can be very simple as offering a free report)

5. You think talking to them once is enough.(in a noisy market place you need to reach people several times and you need to do this without being annoying)

6. You don’t follow-up.

7 Not having a strategy for them to initiate the contact. (which is proven to increase sales by 60%)

8. You are not leading the sales process.

9. You don’t have a sales process, you just sell.

10. You don’t clearly state the value of what you are offering.

Bonus: You are not talking to the heart. Remember, you sell to the heart.

Bonus 2: When using social media to market your business you cannot just offer people your services or products, you need to provide value, interact and engage them first. Sorry but the advertise age is dead.

How to market a business in this new economy

I hope you understand that things are not going back to the way they were before. So, the longer you wait, the more disappointed you will be at the end.

Things have changed a lot, the way people buy has changed and the way we sell has changed and the sooner you understand that and change the way you have been marketing, the better. This is especially true if you are still using the same channels to market your business and see decreasing results every time. They will not go back to what used to be normal and most likely they will adapt to the new economy or they will just cease to exist.

There is a reason why last year there were 273 magazines going out of business and you hear all the time that newspapers are dying.

Here are a few things about the new economy and the way you should be marketing to prospects and clients:

  1. You need to focus on your prospects problems and not only on your company and products like before. Remember, people search for a solution to a problem.
  2. Define the top emotional reasons people purchase your products.
  3. Start a dialogue with prospects and clients. This is crucial today and not at all like before where you would just broadcast a message to them using TV, Radio etc.
  4. Look for quality of prospects other than the quantity. Everybody is not a prospect and some can bring a lot of headaches. Don’t forget that the gold mine lies in existing clients.
  5. Try ideas, fail fast and come back. You don’t need a business plan, you need an action plan.
  6. Master business storytelling and tell true stories that are compelling.
  7. Provide valuable information using social media tools. That is a lot more effective than spending a lot of money with advertising.
  8. The more education you provide, the more profit coming your way.
  9. Use an ethical bribe or a compelling offer to build a list of people interested in what you are talking about.
  10. Position yourself as the to-go expert.
  11. Use tools like teleseminars or online videos to get the word out and position yourself in the market.
  12. Make a sale to get a client. Don’t focus only on the first sale and create upsells.
  13. You need several products or different services. There is a lot of money in the back-end offers. Give buyers more chances to buy and they will spend more. Repeat sales can increase profits by 22%
  14. Create a continuity program
  15. Leverage technology. Stop giving excuses that you were not born in front of a computer, or you are too old and start using technology not only to attract prospects but to follow-up in an automated way. For example, using auto-responders.

The age of personal branding

The age of personal branding

We are living in the age of personal branding. What most people don’t get is that this is not only related to solopreneurs, coaches and speakers, it is also related to companies.

Personal branding is when you put your unique personality, or the personality of your business in your marketing, giving you a big advantage over your competition.

Every business today needs to have a strong personality not only to stand out but also to create a following. We don’t need more of anything and we certainly do not talk about things that are not worth talking about.

Personal branding should broadcast a clear and unique message that would distinguish you from your competitors. It also mix company facts and traits with the human side.

In order to build your personal brand you need to answer a few questions:

1-     What do you do better and different than your competition? (price and quality is a given and don’t count here)

2-     Who is your ideal audience?

3-     What are the characteristics you want to be know for?

4-     Do you have interesting stories to tell?

5-     How are you going to tell these stories? Which channels, how often?

Here is where you can use and abuse from social media tools. Share ideas, educate and give them reasons to trust you, your products and services.. Remember, if people are not buying from you is either because the message is not clear, it is not good or they don’t trust you.

Remember that your prospects and clients don’t like to be interrupted, shouted of harass with sales pitches, so be careful not to confuse a good story with a sales pitch.

Your prospects will see you as you present yourself or your company. Respect your prospects. If you want them to trust you, you need to help them get to know you and demonstrate that you are someone who can help them solve their problems.